26 Crazy Trick Photos that will Blow your Mind!

When you take a picture, you capture a moment in time so others can also see it themselves after it has happened. From a family portrait to an image of a beautiful sunrise, looking at someone else’s pictures lets you understand what they were witnessing the moment they took it.

But these photos are so confusing, you’ll have no idea exactly what was happening when they were taking them. Just see for yourself!

1. Umm… whose hand is that?confusing-pictures-1
2. What did he do with her head?

3. Is that a pillow, or is she just really flexible?confusing-pictures-3

4. Someone help that poor dog!confusing-pictures-4

5. Help this cat, too, while you’re at it!confusing-pictures-5

6. What is going on in the background?confusing-pictures-6

7. Always practice what you preach.confusing-pictures-7

8. That’s why it smells like a barn!

9. You get that out of there this instant!confusing-pictures-9

10. In two places at once…or just a trick of the light?confusing-pictures-10

11. It’s a magic carpet!confusing-pictures-15

12. Now that’s one tough cat!confusing-pictures-12
13. Giraffes sure are flexible!

15. It’s only okay to walk one of these things.confusing-pictures-14

15. If they only knew…confusing-pictures-15

16. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.confusing-pictures-15

17. Should we tell her?confusing-pictures-15

18. 3D technology looks unbelievably real these days.confusing-pictures-15

19. No hands!confusing-pictures-15

20. You won’t unsee it.confusing-pictures-11

21. I wouldn’t want him in my workplace.confusing-pictures-15

22. Out of the bag, kitty!confusing-pictures-15

23. Brain = Brokenconfusing-pictures-15

24. Someone needs to work on their timing…confusing-pictures-15

25. When two become one.confusing-pictures-15

26. This will definitely turn your world upside-down.confusing-pictures-15

These pictures had me doing a double-take. Now I don’t know what to believe!